Venturi System with Grinding Mill

Impianto venturi con mulino di macinazione

Plastic trimmings suction and grinding with shredding mill


Croci New Project Innovations specializes in the construction of plants for plastic and laminated film trimmings suction, plastic shredding and plastic industry processing waste and relative grinding by grinding mill.

The grinding of plastic trimmings and in general of waste products in the industry is fundamental to reduce the overall dimensions and make the treated materials transportable, consequently this process is particularly important in their recycling and related industrial recovery for re-entry into the production cycle or for the production of products in other sectors.

These ground products can in fact find use in the most varied sectors such as the realization of flooring for sports fields, road surfaces, clothing (fleece) and others.

Croci New Project Innovations has a wide range of mills that complete the trimming and grinding suction lines and that adapt to the most varied industrial plants capable of satisfying every loading need, it is also possible to design and install ad hoc Venturi systems on Cast Film systems and other plants for the production of plastic film.

Under in the page you can look at some photos and drawings of mills made by Croci New Project Innovation or under construction, for any technical information please contact us directly.

Mulino di triturazione rifili

Impianto venturi con mulino

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