Trimmings Suction with Sintering

Aspirazione rifili e sinterizzazione

Trimmings Suction with Sintering

The process of suction and recovery by sintering of industrial waste from plastic and glass production plants is a heat treatment that uses heat and mechanical pressure to transform a material in powder form into an indivisible material. Sintering is used to produce materials with properties that would not have been created with other techniques. For example, instead of pouring the raw material (in our case powders of polymer or glass) in a molten state (ie liquid) in a mold, it can be sintered, starting from small solid particles ("powders"), which are welded together by increasing the temperature and pressure obtained during the passage in specially designed sintering agents.

Croci New Project has studied a trimming suction system with sintering of powders obtained from plants for the production of plastic materials and plants for the production and treatment of glass to obtain compacted but non-homogeneous cylindrical cubes, obtained as a result of the heat produced by rubbing and compression of rotating organs through a cylindrical chain. The material to be thickened is fed in a loose manner, that is without prior compression, through a circular chain consisting of a perforated annular band, against which two pressure rollers (one striped and one smooth) act from the inside and, on the outside, cutter knives.

The temperature of the drawing material is controlled by the introduction of air both on the rollers and on the material, with the generation of a certain turbulence and dissipation of the excess heat. In this way, the material to be sintered, when drawing through the holes in the die, is kept under softening conditions without melting. The cooling system is enhanced by the blowing of air even outside the circular die.

The final recovery product thus obtained can be reinserted in the production chain or sent to the storage silos.

Some models of plants for trimming suction and sintering

Impianto di sinterizzazioneFTP 320

FTP 420

FTP 540

Final Products

Recupero Scarti Industria della Plastica

Recovery of Plastic Industry Waste

Recupero Scarti Industria del Vetro

Glass Industry Waste Recovery

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