Suction systems for textile industry

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Suction systems for textile industry 

Croci New Project Innovation has a long experience in the design and installation of automatic dust extraction and filtering systems from textile plants.
We also produce the Fans and the Filters that will be installed on the system, of which we have a wide and complete range.

During the process the clean and filtered air from the powders can be recycled in the room directly, or expelled outside. Connections to the air-conditioning system are possible, or the realization of independent systems after heating and / or humidification of the air itself.
The powders separated by filtration, on the other hand, can be conveyed into a condenser or sent to a pneumatic bagging machine which is compacted in suitable containers.

• Complete automatic plants for dedusting and automatic feeding.
• Possibility of completely computerized management of entire plants.
• Suction and recycling systems for broken and false divider wires.
• Bagging powder, fibers and various pneumatic transport.
• Various systems for suction of powders - vapors - fumes and their relative filtration and abatement.

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