Storage Silos for Food and Plastics

Silos di Stoccaggio

Storage silos for food and plastics

Croci New Project Innovation designs, manufactures and installs plants for the suction, transport, dosing, storage and automation of raw materials for the food industry (rice mills, etc.) and plastics.

The company is able to supply a wide range of storage silos both for inside and outside in fiberglass, stainless steel, fabric. Each silos is complete with all the necessary accessories such as loading pipes, self-cleaning filter, explosion-proof valve and overpressure valve, climb ladder, including balcony and railing on all the perimeter; insulated silos, monolithic, perfect for the storage of different raw materials.

Anyone interested in having a detailed estimate for a solution designed and studied ad hoc for their production facility, please contact us using the Contact page.

Some Installations

Silos di Stoccaggio prodotti alimentari

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