Industrial Fumes Suction and Filtration

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Industrial Fumes Suction and Filtration

Croci New Project Innovation is a company with years of experience in solving the problems of environmental heating, heat recovery, suction and filtering of polluted air, construction and installation of fans on industrial plants, equipment and plant for air treatment in industrial working environments: exhaust and welding fume suction, air depuration in industrial processing in the plastics, food production and pharmaceutical industries.

In a short time the company became a leader in the design and installation of systems for the suction and filtration of industrial fumes deriving from plastic film production plants (Blown film and Cast film), turbo mixers, extruders, printing machines , coating and laminating machines, cutters for methacrylate, glass industry, metal treatment industry.

Aspirazione fumi industriali

The heart of each system for the treatment and air intake are the fans. The company is able to produce a wide range of axial and radial fans for industrial applications in the field of ventilation with performances that can reach values of 10,000 Pa with a capacity of 80 m3 / s, the range includes:
- Reverse Curved Blade Fans
- Radial Fan Fans
- Reversed Flat Fan Fans

Particular Fans with metallic rotary seal, devices for forced circulation and cooling of the oil, ensuring perfect tightness, are produced for the suction of harmful gases ensuring the non-pollution of the surrounding environment. In the case of several fans of the same type installed, the system for forced circulation and cooling of the oil can be centralized.

Croci New Project Innovation is able to directly perform on-site sampling and analysis of pollutant emissions from chimneys, tests and noise testing of machines and plants, on-site balancing of fan impellers. For any information regarding the need to realize fume extraction and filtration systems and for information regarding the range of fans or special "tailor-made" needs, please contact us via the contact page.


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