Grinding And Suction Systems

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Grinding and Suction Systems

Croci New Project is a leader in the suction, conveying and grinding of the trimmings in the production sector of plastic film for packaging of:

  • Lines of extrusion cast film of polypropylene;
  • Lines of cast film extrusion of linear polyethylene (stretch);
  • Groups of grinding trims by tow and dandy roll;
  • Feed hoppers for fluff and virgin on extrusion lines;
  • Forced hoppers for fluff on feed lines;
  • Vacuum box on extrusion die.

Croci New Project is appreciated by customers in Italy and overseas for its competence and the advanced technology of its creations, and has also recently formed an engineering division, developing considerable know-how in the field of in line recovery of plastic film waste in the production of blown-film and cast film, grinding, and pneumatic conveyance directly to the extruder or a dosing bin for storage, acquiring high appreciation across Europe and internationally ranks among the top of its sector.

"Zero Waste" is Our Mission

Croci New Project believes it is essential to reduce the impact of industrial activities on the environment. The long experience gained by the company in the field of recovery of plastic film trimmings, the shredding and pneumatic transport directed to the extruder or the storage in a metering silo, takes on particular importance in the continuous cycles now essential to an advanced production of plastic film. To refine the recovery system, Croci New Project designs, manufactures and installs all the necessary equipment, respecting the environmental regulations in force, both for noise emissions and for the emission of dust.

Plastic trimmings suction in line on Cast Film and Blown Film plants, the production phases

CAST FILM: The Plastic trimmings (PP-PTP-PE-PA) coming from the plant, through suction, are conveyed into the loading chamber, hence the material can be sent to the "Grinding" department or conveyed into the loading chamber, hence the material it is pushed into the compression chamber of the "Compactor" where it is heated by electric resistors and compacted in a pano.

BLOWN FILM: The plastic trimmings (LDPE and LLDPE) coming from the plant can be sent to the "Extrusion" department and then plasticized by means of the granulator extrusion screw to obtain granules of the desired size by horizontal cutting in the die, thus obtaining a homogeneous product with unaltered physical chemical characteristics, which can be reintroduced in the production cycle, or transported in a storage silos.

aspirazione rifili plastici in linea





Final Products




Trimming System with Compactor

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