Dust Suction in Pharmaceutical and Food Industry

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Dust Suction in Pharmaceutical and Food Industry

Croci New Project designs and installs dust extraction and filtration systems for the pharmaceutical and food sectors, with a wide range of components such as fans and suction units, filtration units, components for the transport of powders, collection silos and control systems.

The company is able to produce a wide range of axial and radial fans for industrial applications in the field of ventilation with performances that can reach values of 10,000 Pa with a capacity of 80 m3 / s, the range includes:
- Reverse Curved Blade Fans
- Radial Fan Fans
- Reversed Flat Fan Fans

Silos, fans, suction units and piping pipes can be made of painted steel or stainless steel according to customer requirements.

silos di stoccaggio

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